Where Can You Use Mother Quotes

Where Can You Use Mother Quotes

We all know how much mothers matter in everyone’s life, so why not make them happy? They never ask you for diamonds or dresses, your small gestures can make them happy. For instance, just upload a good mother quote in Hindi on your Instagram story and tag her. You would be amazed to see her big smile.
In this blog, we are going to share some tips on where you can use these mother quotes in Hindi to make every mother happy.

Mothers day

Most people already use quotes on mothers day, but when we are talking about then why not. You can find some amazing mother quotes in Hindi or make up one of your own, not for social media but to speak in front of her. You will be amazed to see how overwhelmed she feels after you say a quote. Small things make her happy.

Every Day Wishes
If someone needs wishes from you, it’s your mother. She works day and night to feed you and take care of you. You can at least wish her good morning and good night with some beautiful mother quotes in Hindi. Some children think that it is just a waste of time. It can be for you, but if it makes your mother happy, there is nothing wrong with doing it. Also, you should do the same with your father. Send him some father quotes in Hindi. He might like it. Also if you dont want to send her these quotes, you can just call her to wish her.

On Her Birthday

We all wish our mothers her birthday, but have you ever thought of using a mother’s quote in Hindi and then wishing her birthday? I am sure she will surely be in tears of happiness after listening to the quote. You know mothers are soft-hearted, and they like such things. You can make her feel extra special on her special day. Remember she is growing old. Do whatever you can to make her feel happy and blessed to have a child like you.

Tag Her On Your Social Media

We all tag our friends and loved ones on social media on random posts or special stories that we put. Have you ever done that with your mother? Have you ever thought of tagging her on social media with some good quotes? You know if you tag her on some good quote, she will be so happy. We never get such ideas because we take our mothers for granted. we dont think of these things. You should try this out. She took care of you when you were small, now it’s your turn to return the favour.

Pictures and Quotes

We always post pictures with our friends and other relatives. Why not share a post with your mother? Just post a picture on Instagram with your mother and write a good mother quote in Hindi in the caption and tag her. It will just take a few minutes but will make your mother’s day. This will surely be a special moment for her as nobody would have done such a thing for her. Her expectations are little, you can fulfil them.

Turn Her Anger into Happiness

You might have been through this. Sometimes moms become so angry that they dont talk to you. Now you might get confused about how to make her happy. We have got the best way. Send a good mother quote in Hindi with your old picture with her. See how her anger goes away. She will be finally happy again and now you can go hug her.

So these are some moments where you can use mother quotes and father quotes in Hindi. Never leave your dad behind. He is equally important.

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