What is the fastest charger for Oppo phones?

What is the fastest charger for Oppo phones?

OPPO phones introduces a new flash charge line-up that includes new high-power wired and wireless charging technologies, as well as high-power ultra-small chargers, solidifying the company’s leadership in flash charge.fastest charger for Oppo phones

Now to understand this you first need to be familiar with the concept of VOOC. It is a flash charge solution for the new generation. The charging power has been enhanced by the company. VOOC Flash Charge charges phones safely at 25W without excessive heat using a special adapter and cables. In the 4G era, VOOC flash charging has relieved us of the burden of charging. However, as we approach the 5G era, such worries have resurfaced.

Because of higher battery consumption and more diverse application scenarios in the 5G era, battery life and charging speed are more important than ever. Because it is nearly impossible to make a significant breakthrough in battery energy density in the short term, and because mobile phone internal space is tight, flash charging has become the most effective way to ensure long battery life.fastest charger for Oppo phones

Let’s discuss a few of them.


OPPO’s 125W flash charge technology employs direct charging technology, allowing it to charge a 4000mAh battery up to 41% in 5 minutes and fully charge it in 20 minutes at the fastest rate. It is the fastest charger for OPPO. All at the same, it is compatible with the original SuperVOOC and VOOC flash charge protocols, as well as mainstream protocols such as 65W PD and 125W PPS. It is currently the most innovative flash charging technology in the market.fastest charger for Oppo phones

The 125W flash charge, which evolved from SuperVOOC’s technical design, has undergone a thorough hardware architecture upgrade. It has markedly better power density characteristics to effectively reduce charging time while not increasing charger size. To improve charging efficiency, it is equipped with double-6C cells with a groundbreaking battery ratio, charge pumps. it has integrated MCU.

Furthermore, the 125W flash charge technology has strengthened the system’s safety protection features by adding 10 additional temperature sensors that monitor the costing an estimated and ensure maximum safety during charging.

Furthermore, to improve safety, the platform employs fuse overvoltage protection measures, Type-C to Type-C wire, and a 128-bit high-strength encryption algorithm.


The second fastest charger is 65W SUPERVOOC. In less than 39 minutes with 65 W SUPERVOOC, you can charge the smartphone if it is compatible with it. You can also use it with compatible OPPO devices to use the fast-charging feature. The USB-C to USB-C cable is sold separately. The size is small, but the charging power is huge. It has a power of 65W. It supports Super Vooc 2.0 technology. For phone Reno Ace, it will take only 30 minutes to charge it completely. Also It has GaN technology. And It has the safety certification of Germany TUV Rheinland.

It has the following protections:

1. Over-discharge protection
2. Overvoltage protection
3. Short circuit protection
4. Overcharge protection
5. Over-current protection
6. Temperature protection


OPPO also unveiled today the world’s thinnest and smallest 50W mini SuperVOOC charger, as well as a 110W mini flash charger with a novel dual-level architecture. OPPO engineers created a groundbreaking architecture for the 50W mini SuperVOOC charger and used a new topological design to reduce the size of the components that take up the most space. This provides a highly efficient power conversion by eliminating the conventional electrolytic capacitor and introducing pulse charging. It’s the first one in the industry. The clamping diodes have high power. It is compatible with VOOC protocols. Also it supports the mainstream protocols such as 50W PPS and 27W PD. And It can charge many devices like laptops and mobile phones.

Bottom line:

It establishes a new standard for fast charging technology which keeps up with the fast-paced pace of modern life. Also It enables you to carry a charger that carries less space but provides more power. And It is the most advanced and suitable option if you use your smartphone a lot.
To shop these chargers, go to the Oppo store online.