What is needed to get a C1 licence?

What is needed to get a C1 licence?

Finding out how to obtain a C1 licence can be the first step in your new professional job, whether you wish to relocate or develop your work. After landing your first driving position, you will be delivering freight all around the nation, and if you advance, you might even travel abroad. When discussing timely and accurate delivery, truck and lorry drivers are crucial players.

When you work as a professional HGV driver, you’ll spend a lot of time moving boxes of goods between manufacturing facilities and retail establishments.

The UK’s shortage of truck drivers makes now the ideal time to seize the chance and earn your desired income. The government has streamlined the HGV driver qualifying process.


You must be 18 years old and possess a valid UK driving licence to obtain an HGV licence. To become a licenced HGV driver, you must pass both the theory and practical tests once you have your driver’s licence for cars.

  • You should apply for a provisional HGV licence as soon as possible. Send a D4 medical form, please.
  • To obtain your C1 driving licence, the next stage is to be eligible for the theory and practical driving exams.
  • A qualification document known as the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence is required if you want to
  • operate a vehicle legally as a professional class 1 driver (CPC).

You must be familiar with the various licence kinds. These licences indicate the maximum vehicle weight you are permitted to operate. The first category is CAT C1. Its weight ranges from 3500 to 7500 kg, and a trailer can add up to 750 kg. The CAT C+E licence comes next. This can be used to pull a trailer weighing more than 750 kg and vehicles weighing 3500 kg or more.

Visit the UK government website for detailed details. The time it takes to finish your training for a C1 licence could be several weeks long. Once you have earned your qualification, you are prepared to drive a truck. The interviewer may inquire about your training experience when you look for work. As a result, you ought to keep everything in mind.

Required Skills

The following traits and abilities are necessary for you to succeed in your career if you wish to start working smoothly after receiving your C1 licence.

  • You should be able to concentrate on your work for a longer period of time.
  • You must operate a vehicle with patience whether you work a day or night shift.
  • At the time of deliveries, you should always complete all of your paperwork.
  • While delivering the items, you need to have excellent communication skills.
  • You must be aware of the regulations governing vehicle loading and unloading as well as traffic safety.
  • You should operate autonomously and address all issues about your job at once.

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