Help if love breaks up?

Help if love breaks up?

Love is such a feeling that keeps on increasing while making each other realize its beauty and love life. In love, two people are attracted to each other. Making love is a good moment before marriage. We can never forget love. But those who love have to go through serious situations.

Ideal love is one in which there should always be trust, understanding, and mutual respect for each other. All these factors make up the relationship. Sometimes trust in a relationship doesn’t last even after understanding, it can be because of planets that affect our relationship. If you want your love problem solutions then talk to love marriage specialist astrologers online.

According to the kundali, inauspicious planets like Rahu and Mars greatly affect life. But whatever happens, it is important to understand that love breakups are caused by changes in the position of the sub-planetary. Astrology can tell about stress, depression, and other types of failures in a person’s life with the help of kundali.

Some reasons for breakup in astrology.

  • When the Moon is in conjunction with malefic planets like Rahu, Sun, Mars, and Saturn.
  • When Moon is situated in the malefic house in the birth chart.
  • When there is a Moon in the house and no other planets.
  • When the power of the moon is covered by the sun.
  • When the 4th house is weak and there is no power or presence of an inauspicious planet.
  • When Moon is in a bad position in the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses of kundali.
  • When Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn are in conjunction in the Moon Kundli.

Your kundali can reveal a lot about your love affairs. When your love life begins, the kundali decides whether this relationship will last for a long time or not.

Sometimes you get separated from your ex, but after some time we realize that we cannot live without him. And in such a situation, you have to face issues like mistrust, lack of communication, and many more. But even after all these difficulties, you cannot forget your love, then it means that you want to get your love back.

The other person’s mind is not satisfied with your own, feeling the lack of love in the relationship, misunderstanding and many things related to it can break your relationship. There are some tips with the help of which you can get your ex-boyfriend back.

If you want to bring your ex back into your life, then understand that. And don’t remember each other’s mistakes.

Give more time to each other, which will increase understanding between the two and help you get your ex-boyfriend back.

Don’t force any relationship, so don’t beg your ex-boyfriend to come back into your life.

Always stay in touch with your ex-boyfriend and try to rectify the mistakes made in the future. By which the person in front will realize that you still love him.

Remind her of the good times together so that she realizes that the two of you can be happy with each other.

You should listen to him so that you know what is going through his mind and how he feels about you.

Try to understand each other, which can solve many of your problems.

Change Yourself Because of your change, your ex is influenced by you and comes back into your life.

Love life is better for every human being. When true love is gone from your life. If this happens then many problems will arise. Talk to astrologers to get your love back. An astrologer will understand your problem by looking at your horoscope and giving the right guidance. Astrology can help you after understanding your situation better. It can also provide a proper solution based on your kundali.